Friday, August 31, 2007

Retired from squash

Upon reflection, I think I'm genuinely done with squash. Tennis is just much easier on my various joints and limbs.

"It's okay, Dad - you've had a great career, but you just have to stop now," is how one of my kids put it to me before I finally decided. Ah, the impressionability of youth.

On a related theme, we all went to the U.S. Open yesterday. My wife and I have been going annually, with only one exception we can recall, since moving to NYC in 1995. But this is the first time we took our kids. This actually was double the fun, although we had to shorten the day somewhat. Most controversial moment involved translating for their benefit some of the mouthing we heard from Sebastian Grosjean when he got mad at himself during the course of his (eventually successful) match with the towering Max Mirnyi. Mauvais-this-or-that was no big deal, but I also felt compelled to enlighten them when he said something-or-other putain.

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