Tuesday, November 13, 2007

International tax session at NYU Law School

On Wednesday, November 14 (tomorrow as I write this), from 12 to 2 pm, we will be having a really interesting session at NYU Law School on international tax issues. Jim Hines of the University of Michigan Business School and Law School will be presenting a new and as yet unpublished (perhaps even unposted?) paper entitled "Reconsidering the Taxation of Foreign Income." Commentators will be Alan Auerbach, Mitchell Kane, and Stephen Shay. If I do say so myself despite having arranged the event, this is a really strong group of people with diverse backgrounds and viewpoints.

I am expecting a very lively and enjoyable session. Jim argues for significantly changing the policies and policy benchmarks that have prevailed for several decades in U.S. international tax policy. The panelists' level of agreement may well top out at 50 percent while in some cases being significantly lower. But all agree about seeking light not heat.

Interested individuals who will be in the area and who were not previously aware of the event (or at least have not previously responded) should let me know, and I can offer fuller information about it.

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