Monday, September 15, 2008

Call me crazy but ...

... I've pretty much decided to stop following the 2008 presidential campaign. My sentiments are the same as previously, and I will of course vote. But I am simply finding it too infuriating and distressing; I could use stronger words if I wanted to get back in the mood. Given how little I can actually do, I feel there simply are more constructive and enjoyable uses for my time than following the daily twists and turns.

I gave up on baseball right before the 2004 season when the Yankees got A-Rod. I figured it wasn't worth following if they just kept on getting everyone. I came back when the Red Sox miracle happened. Ready to repeat that chapter, but this time it's serious business not fun and games, and also I think the prognosis is pitch dark. UK law and public policy schools should feel free to contact me this November.

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