Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Dinosaur poem I once wrote for my kids

Maybe ten years ago or so or more, I wrote them this little doggerel number while we were at Rye Playland early in the summer.  I recently spotted it in my closet.  With apologies to Robert Bakker (for his dinosaur novel Raptor Red), and for the historical inaccuracies regarding which species actually coexisted with velociraptors:

The duckbill herd had drunk its fill
Thought Raptor Red: "It's time to kill."
Her sisters three were close at hand
And by the grove they made their stand
The duckbill herd was acting shy
And sticking close as they went by
A flash of claws, a snarl of teeth
The sisters leaped, and pinned beneath
A duckbill chick, who soon was still
The herd all honked and fled downhill
And stomped beneath their thundering feet
An acrocanthosaur who'd planned to eat
The raptors' kill as stolen meat
The raptors stretched and ate their fill
And lay down in the grass until
Another acro spied their prize
But by that time no meat was left
Except some for the pterodactyls and the flies.

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