Tuesday, February 03, 2009

AALS call for papers on property & tax law intersections

Nancy Staudt of Northwestern Law School, an old friend who happens to have been the second-ever presenter at the NYU Tax Policy Colloquium (way back in January 1996), asked me to post the following item:


The Property and Taxation Sections of the AALS are seeking to co-sponsor a half day session at the annual AALS meeting next year (January, 2010) in New Orleans. If you are working on the intersection of these two areas of law and would like to present a paper--we would love to hear from you by February 28, 2009. Specifically, please send us a working title, a brief description of your paper, and a draft if one is available.

The papers will be published in Northwestern Law School's Journal of Law and Social Policy; therefore, we will only consider unpublished pieces for possible inclusion in the AALS panels.

If you are interested, please contact Professor Carol Brown, University of North Carolina Law School (carol_brown@unc.edu) and Professor Nancy Staudt, Northwestern University Law School (n-staudt@northwestern.edu). Please be sure to include both of us on your e-mail submissions.

[END OF POSTED ITEM] One obvious example of what they might have in mind involves takings law, which (as the literature shows) implicitly raises tax policy as well as property issues because it concerns who pays for government programs under particular circumstances (with myriad incentive, distributional, and political economy effects that should be familiar to writers in both areas.)

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