Thursday, April 30, 2009

Virtually participating

As I noted in my last post, today I was supposed to be in Milan, Italy, participating in a panel at a conference entitled "Tax Policy and the Financial Crisis," held by Econpubblica, the Center for Research on the Economics of the Public Sector at Milan's Universita Bocconi. Lots of excellent people, mainly European economists, officials, and businesspeople, were also there, and I was looking forward to meeting many of them for the first time, as much as to seeing The Last Supper and sampling the local cuisine. Severe though transient back pain forced me to cancel, but this morning I was able to participate from my desk, courtesy of the remote video conferencing wizardry of Skype, along with the help of kind people on both ends.

My talk was entitled "The 2008-09 Financial Crisis: Implications for Tax Reform." It's briefly described here. You can also, if interested, access a pdf version of my PowerPoint slides for the talk, either at the previous link or here.

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