Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Quote of the day

From Captain Beefheart, in an excellent 1978 live album called "I'm Gonna Do What I Wanna Do" (that being his verbal response to audience requests for favorite songs):

"It's very hard to do poetry in this world of Denny's staying open all night."

But no harder, I suppose, than trying to revise the introduction to my new book while riding the NYC subway and listening to said live album.

Excitement on the home front last night. Ursula (our small brown tabby) was making loud crunching noises in our room while we were trying to get to sleep. It turned out she had a small mouse in her mouth. As it no longer had a head, it had stopped struggling, but she has always been conscientious about chewing her food.

I suppose Freddy from the Friday the 13th movies is a good analogy for cats as seen through the eyes of their prey. Demonically playful, bloodthirsty, and equipped with multiple retracting blades. Luckily I get to see a different side of Ursula, more characterized by her rolling on her back, eyes half-closed, kneading with her paws in the air, and purring.

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