Monday, January 25, 2010

Busy times ahead

This Wednesday (1/27) I am presenting my new draft paper, "The Case Against Foreign Tax Credits," at the U of Penn Law School's tax colloquium. Thursday is our colloquium, with an international tax paper by Ruth Mason and Michael Knoll. Then on Friday I present my foreign tax credit paper again at the University of North Carolina Tax Symposium. I will probably post it on SSRN shortly after that.

Next Thursday, February 4, I'm the lead commentator on an international tax paper by Michael Devereux at the NYU Tax Policy Colloquium. Then on Friday, February 5, I present comments on tax, accounting, and financial institutions at our forthcoming conference at NYU, Rethinking the Taxation of Financial Institutions [as well as their accounting and regulatory regimes] in Light of the Recent Crisis." And on Monday, Feb 8, I may be in Washington for informal discussions on some of these topics. Back in Washington on Friday, February 19 (after two more NYU Tax Policy Colloquium sessions on the intervening Thursdays) to discuss my foreign tax credit paper again, this time at the International Tax Policy Forum.

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