Friday, February 12, 2010

Musical fan note

Two undeservedly obscure albums from the early 1990s, both by Robert Forster of the Go-Betweens (from during their long hiatus) are "Danger In the Past," and "I Had a New York Girlfriend." Dylan-Gram Parsons-early 70s Stones territory countrified, at times up-tempo rock, but with a really distinctive (offbeat and very dour) sensibility, also one of the great tuneless & deadpan (alternately sincere and ironic, if you can tell them apart) vocalists. "Danger" is all Forster originals, while "NY Girlfriend" is all covers and perhaps my favorite such album (along with Yo La Tengo's mostly-covers & in some ways similar "Fakebook"). I hadn't played them for a number of years, but lately they've been helping me get through the drudgery of the elliptical machine.


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