Thursday, September 02, 2010

Another favorable Amazon customer review for Getting It

"Hooked on books" says the following about Getting It:

"I believe that if any book actually makes me laugh out loud at any point, it's worth bringing to others' attention, which is why I'm recommending Dan Shaviro's "Getting It", a satiric look at life among cut-throat young associates (and oblivious pompous partners) at a Washington D.C. law firm. Set a few decades back, and with a pleasantly dated retro feel,it's impressively well written and in parts genuinely funny, even reminiscent at times of some of the funniest passages from some of Richard Russo's earlier novels - which is a major compliment. I think anyone who has had any experience working in the law or dealing with lawyers would enjoy this very quick read, which the author obviously had a lot of fun writing."

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