Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Caped Crusader

Buddy, the crazy one among our cats, decided not to let the fact that he had stuck his head into a shopping bag (with one of the handles around his neck) discourage him from pursuing his interests. On the far left he's chasing a crunchy treat (which he tries to pretend is alive), while in the other two photos he is petitioning for food.

Title of this post courtesy of my wife, who also saw to getting the photos taken.


Ellen Livingston said...

I've long been convinced one of my cats is going to leave the earth by strangling himself in precisely this manner. Of course, one of them has the strange habit of nibbling on plastic bags - so much for the myth that cats are smart enough to what they should and shouldn't eat (unlike, say, dogs).

Daniel Shaviro said...

They're just pickier than dogs, I guess, whether or not smarter.