Monday, January 17, 2011

Cats revisited

As long as I am offering corrections (see prior post), I guess I owe one to my cats as well. Having noted their distressing failure to kill an invading mouse a couple of weeks ago, I should note the more recent evidence that they, no less than the New York Jets, know how to vindicate themselves when offered a rematch.

The other day, after everyone (among the humans) had been out for a few hours, a couple of us returned home to find half of a mouse - the lower half, ending in a bloody stump - underneath the dining room table.

We never found the other half, although I guess we could have done stomach X-rays of the three prime suspects.

I have a photo of the half-corpse, but can't quite bear to post it. At the risk of understatement, I would say that it is not an exceptionally lovely sight.

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