Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Neil Young concert

This past Sunday night I attended my first rock concert since Pavement last September: Neil Young in Avery Fisher Hall. While I'm ambivalent about some of his work, he's certainly the best age 65, full-tilt, one-person rock band that I know, although (unsurprisingly) his older, recognizable numbers made more of an impression than his newer ones. My faves remain After the Gold Rush plus the best of his early work with Crazy Horse. (Going back further, he did some good things with Buffalo Springfield, but he didn't play anything quite that old.) Remarkable how he could play several of the guitar workout rock epics from the Crazy Horse era and not appear to either miss or need the rest of the band.

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JP Choudhary said...

We went to see Neil Young last night, in a solo concert. It was wonderful! He looks great, sounds great, and played all alone. Neil Young tickets were something positive. He played the organ, pump organ, piano, harmonica, electric guitar, and acoustic guitar.