Saturday, June 04, 2011

Summer weather

Today's weather in NYC is more or less perfect - summer-like but not too hot - and I would certainly sign up for it 365 days a year (leaving aside the drought issue if it never rained). Unfortunately, as it happens I will have to be indoors working most of the day (a rarity for me on weekends).

People here sometimes say (be it rationalization or Stockholm syndrome) that they prefer the Northeast's varying seasonal weather to constant daily perfection. In response, I will generally dial up the sarcasm module and say yes, I agree, and for the same reason I find it so BORING if I'm healthy all the time. Isn't it more fascinating to get the flu occasionally for a couple of months, throw in back spasms and broken bones every now and then, break out in an itchy rash if everything is getting too comfortable, and perhaps even have the occasional digestive meltdown? That way, there's never a dull moment.

Perfect health and perfect weather are nonetheless just fine for me. There are plenty of other means out there for keeping one's life interesting.

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