Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Recent talk at Oxford summer symposium

I recently noted here my trip to Oxford in early July to present a paper and otherwise participate in an international tax conference. But in the press of events (even my summers are busy these days), I forgot to create a link to the slides from my talk.

At this year's Oxford conference, I presented a talk based on my forthcoming Tax Law Review article, The Rising Tax-Electivity of U.S. Corporate Residence, using revised and condensed slides. A link to the new slides is available here.

I have recently (and FINALLY, after months of intervening obligations, for the most part voluntarily if in some cases ambivalently self-imposed) gotten back to working on a completed revised version of my long-in-progress book on U.S. international taxation. At this point, I think I finally have it conceptualized properly. And I believe that this time, unlike in Decoding the Corporate Tax, which I admittedly like but which was basically (and avowedly) an accessible literature review, I'm making significant new contributions to how people should think about the field. The tax-electivity piece is one of the detours that I voluntarily set for myself because I felt that I needed to get my ideas in better shape first, and (along with my recent foreign tax credit work) it offers in passing some, though by no means all, of the ideas that I plan to detail in the new book.

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