Monday, November 28, 2011

Upcoming talk this week

This Wednesday morning, at the horrifying time of 4:45 AM, I will be heading to the airport en route to Sao Paulo, Brazil, where I will be the keynote speaker on Thursday, December 1, at the Third International Colloquium, to be held at the Center for Fiscal Studies (called the NEF due to its name in Portuguese), which is affiliated with the University of Sao Paulo Law School. The NEF is a think tank that aims to bring together academics, government representatives, the private sector, and civil society organizations to advance public thinking about tax reform.

A Portuguese-language schedule for this colloquium is available here. Prior keynote speakers were Richard Bird in 2009 and Vito Tanzi in 2010.

My talk will be called "Rethinking International Tax Policy," which I consider adequately descriptive, albeit not, as titles go, especially original or inspired. (How many "Rethinking ..." papers have there been on various legal subjects in the last 20 years?) But I am hoping that the content will be more original than the title.

Brazil is an interesting country, and also has fairly distinctive international tax rules, which I will mention in passing, although I certainly would not claim any more than a very general and superficial familiarity with them.

I have PowerPoint slides for the talk, and will post a pdf of them here on Thursday, if my iPad and wireless access cooperate. I've completed them and thus, I suppose, could post them now, but in general I don't like scooping my own talks at conferences in this way.

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