Monday, April 16, 2012

TV appearance (sort of)

On tonight's 9 pm NY 1 cable television show, "The Call," hosted by John Schiumo, I will be the first caller (though actually they are going to call me), discussing the so-called Buffett Rule. I call this merely "sort of" a TV appearance because only my smiling visage from an NYU publicity photo will actually appear on-screen.

UPDATE: Oops, false alarm. But it may still happen in a few days.

I'd say that I was ready for my close-up, but since they were going to use a publicity photo I suppose it's already been taken.

FURTHER UPDATE: What I was going to say was that the Buffett Rule is a dumb way of going about a good thing. One-track minds in politics will generally insist on rejecting one half of this statement or the other - emphasizing just the poor design and not the merits of the aim, or just the merits of the aim and not the poor design.

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