Thursday, October 25, 2012

Great big sigh of relief

I have completed a first draft (except for a brief conclusion) of an article, entitled "Should Social Security and Medicare Be More Market-Based?," that I will be using as the basis for the Ann F. Baum Memorial Elder Law Lecture, which I will be delivering at the University of Illinois College of Law on March 4, 2013.

Once I've received comments from a couple of readers (and written an abstract plus the conclusion), I anticipate posting it on SSRN.

I will have to update it for the results of the presidential election, as references in the article to the Obama Administration and the Social Security and Medicare plans that were issued by Congressman Paul Ryan might need modification.  (Likewise, a Bowles-Simpson-style grand bargain after Obama won, or the repeal of existing Medicare for people under age 55 if Romney won, would need to be acknowledged and incorporated.)  But the issues will still be there in any event.

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