Saturday, June 22, 2013

Book symposium at Hebrew University

Yesterday (Friday, June 21), Hebrew University held a book symposium concerning my forthcoming book, Fixing U.S. International Taxation.  As I've mentioned before, I appear to have a publisher lined up (a leading university press), but as we haven’t executed the contract yet I’ll wait to name it.

The commentators were Steve Shay, Yariv Brauner, and Fadi Shaheen.  Plus a lot of the leading Israeli tax academics were in the room, and participated in the discussion that followed the three presentations and my response.

I must say, I was really pleased with how the session went.  In addition to its being constructive and interesting, I felt there was general acceptance of the view, which I have been carrying around with me like a two hundred pound weight slung over my shoulder,  to the effect that the book is (OK, I’ll say it) a major step forward in the field.

More on the book's main themes in due course.  But I do think it's the best thing I've written, leaving aside my novel on non-commensurability grounds.

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