Thursday, June 12, 2014

Next year's NYU Tax Policy Colloquium schedule

Next year, the NYU Tax Policy Colloquium will again take place on Tuesdays, from January 20 through May 5 but not on February 17 or March 17.  My co-convenor will be Alan Viard of the American Enterprise Institute, whom I am happy to welcome as a first-time collaborator on this gig.

Our presenters, listed for convenience in alphabetical order, will be as follows:

(1)   David Albouy, University of Illinois Economics Department
(2)   Kimberly Blanchard, Weil, Gotshal & Manges
(3)   David Kamin, NYU Law School
(4)   Brigitte Madrian, Harvard Kennedy School
(5)   Ruth Mason, University of Virginia Law School
(6)   Lillian Mills, University of Texas Business School
(7)   Shu-Yi Oei, Tulane Law School
(8)   Leigh Osofsky, University of Miami School of Law
(9)   Gregg Polsky, University of North Carolina School of Law
(10)  David Schizer, Columbia Law School
(11)   Linda Sugin, Fordham Law School
(12)  Eric Toder, Urban Institute
(13)  George Yin, University of Virginia Law School
(14)  Lawrence Zelenak, Duke University School of Law

As a whole, our speaker list for next year, as compared to this past year, is weighted a little bit more on the "law" as opposed to the "economics" side of the interdisciplinary spectrum.  This is partly a byproduct of the vagaries of rotating through various people whom I have wanted to invite, but it is also partly deliberate, in terms of what I think is the best fit for our students and audience.

I should have the actual schedule, with speakers assigned to particular dates, available shortly.

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