Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sign of the times

Last year my wife and I went to the Tribeca Film Festival for the first time, saw an absolutely stunning, wrenchingly sad, film called Gabriel, plus a documentary that was just OK.

This year, we're headed back for 4 bites at the apple, no pun intended.  The first two, Bleeding Heart and The Wannabe, were both pretty good - much more interesting than most commercial films, and of the two Bleeding Heart felt more authentic and less genre, but Wannabe was arguably better-done / more professional.  We split 50-50 on which we preferred.

One thing that's getting tiresome is the half-hour sitting in the theater before the show starts (you have to get there early), watching all the sponsors flit by on-screen.  The ads for a Lincoln car, which we've now seen multiple times at both of the pre-shows, truly overload on the 21-tens wannabe billionaire lifestyle cliches.

Let's see: "meticulously curated," "incredibly personal," crafted for "impact plus subtlety," you not only get a personal interview to buy the car but a "dedicated" personal interview.

If they left anything out, I can't think what.

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