Friday, November 06, 2015

What do real chefs do?

My guess is, they wear gloves.

Last night I made a fish stew, which I thought came out well if I do say so myself.  But I finely diced a habanero pepper to give the sauce a bit of kick. So far so good. But then, when I took out my contact lenses at the end of the day, the hot pepper residue that apparently remained on my fingers made my eyes burn horribly.  Same problem this morning, even after using such Internet-derived remedies as strong dish soap, rubbing alcohol, milk, and baking powder. (So I apparently will be wearing glasses today.) Only effect of trying all these remedies: now my finger tips are burning.

I've heard of paying a price for one's art (not to over-claim with regard to the fish stew or my general kitchen skills), but this one appears a bit steep.

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