Thursday, May 19, 2016

OECD-BEPS conference in Amsterdam next week

I have now written my (15-20 minute) talk, along with skeletal slides, for the upcoming NYU-Amsterdam Center for Tax Law conference, in Amsterdam on June 1, concerning OECD-BEPS et al.  My topic will be "The U.S. Response to OECD-BEPS and the EU State Aid Cases."

I'll plan on posting the slides here early in the week after the conference, and I may even post the talk (which is about 2500 words long) on SSRN.  I figure that, since I tend to prepare distinctive presentations each time I speak at a conference, I might as well seek a larger audience than just the people in the room, and a longer half-life than just until the next talk starts.

Totally different from my last talk (at NTA), and much more focused on current developments.

I'll note that my assigned topic, the "U.S. response," is ambiguous, as it could refer either to what people in the U.S. international tax policy community seem to be thinking about the above-referenced developments, or to what U.S. policymakers might actually do.  I'll address both, although the latter is inevitably speculative, not to mention tied in with what ends up being the outcome of the 2016 presidential and Congressional elections.

Information about the conference is available here.

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