Thursday, December 09, 2004

"Look, Mommy- I'm a soldier!"

Was I the only one to laugh at the childish G.I. Joe outfit our President wore the other day when he was photo-opping with US troops? Is he trying out belatedly for the album cover of Sgt Pepper?

UPDATE: Maureen Dowd laughed at it, too. [And a reader tells me Jon Stewart did as well.]

Reader challenge: free copy of one of my books if you can find any photograph of Dwight Eisenhower in a military-style outfit while he was President. Those who are don't have to pretend. [Oops - a reader sends proof that Eisenhower wore one while President-Elect, in the course of visiting the US troops in Korea. Since I am a lawyer I guess I could embrace the technicality - he hadn't been inaugurated yet - but instead I'll tip my hat.
Maybe Eisenhower was responding to those "Swift U-Boat" ads in which Stevenson alleged he was a German double-agent.]


Anonymous said...

Arguably "military style" albeit while he was President-elect.

A veritable potpourri of "military style" garb on Presidents from the left, right, and center -

Daniel Shaviro said...

Point taken, Anonymous, even if I rely on the President-Elect technicality.

Anonymous said...

Actually, what this most reminds me of is the uniform Buster Bluth wears to his father's fake funeral on Arrested Development--it's a stripper's costume.

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