Thursday, September 20, 2007

Lyndon Johnson to the rescue

The other day, playing tennis at Roosevelt Island, I was trying to close out a tough set on my serve. Trailing 3-5, I had gone up 6-5 and now needed to hold. But I was getting tentative.

Every now and then I'd peek between points at the doubles match on the next court involving some much older men. When I see these guys (there are lots of them at the club, playing doubles in different groups), I always ask myself whether I am looking at my own future. They obviously know doubles pretty well, and hit all kinds of strange spins and and lobs along with sharp angles. But if this is my future, I hope I don't start foot-faulting all the time on my serve, as it appears that they invariably do.

Anyway, I saw the guy serving on my side of the net, and suddenly said to myself: "Wait a second, what's Lyndon Johnson doing playing tennis at the next court?" (The guy was a dead ringer.)

I immediately relaxed and won three straight points to take my service game at 15.

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