Monday, September 24, 2007

NYU presentation of my new paper

Today at NYU I gave a lunchtime presentation, at one of our in-house faculty seminars, of my newly completed paper draft, "The Optimal Relationship Between Taxable Income and Financial Accounting Income: Analysis and a Proposal." I didn't mention the session here in advance because it isn't open to the public.

By the way, the paper has that sub-title after the colon, even though it makes the whole thing clunkier, in order to provide fuller guidance about what it actually tries to do.

Good session. The main points I got that may prompt revisions before I post the paper on SSRN (with a link here) relate to special topics such as executive compensation and treatment of foreign subsidiaries. But I do hope to post and link it shortly.

One always ends up in a huge triage operation deciding what to do next and what to put off. I just resolved one triage in favor of editing the final page proofs of my forthcoming Tax Law Review paper, "Why Worldwide Welfare as a Normative Standard in U.S. Tax Policy?" before revising my accounting paper or working on my new paper, which may end up being a think tank book, and which has the working title: "The U.S. Corporate Tax: What Is It, and Where Is It Headed?" More on that in due course.

I've decided to resolve my next triage in favor of consolidating a bit of progress on the corporate tax project and then getting my accounting paper working draft out.

Leaving aside that I am currently neglecting both in favor of writing this post.

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