Monday, December 17, 2007

A bit too convenient

OK, a baseball aside admittedly reflecting my anti-Yankee bias.

First Andy Pettitte is named in the Mitchell report for using human growth hormone. Then he promptly apologizes for using it just twice. So sorry about those two days, he says, "if what I did was an error in judgment." (Interesting use of "if.") Then Mitchell says yup, that's what we heard, he did it twice. Today Mariano Rivera praises him for being so forthright.

Admittedly, Pettitte still has a leaner build than you see on some of the big time abusers. But this seems awfully pat and convenient. He trained with Roger Clemens for years. And he did seem to add a couple of miles to his fastball after having elbow problems in his early 30s. He's reportedly been named by Jason Grimsley.

If he's admitting to two days right off the bat, I'm bidding - oh, maybe 150 times over four or five years. Just a guess.

You know what they say - the opening bid is never the final offer. But that goes for us both.

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