Thursday, December 20, 2007

Double standards

It's kind of interesting how the very same Senate Republicans who were threatening to invoke the "nuclear option" and destroy filibustering if the Democrats used it even a tiny bit, have now set the all-time 200-year record for filibusters in a single two-year Congressional term, in just eleven months.

This brings to mind the game they were going to play in California, trying to make it apportion electoral votes by Congressional district while Republican-majority states such as Texas would remain winner-take-all.

Or the fact that, in 2000, they were all set to launch a huge PR campaign if Bush lost the electoral vote but won the popular vote, demanding that the people's will be honored by giving him the 270. Then of course when it went the other way (leaving aside that Bush actually lost both), not a peep was heard of this.

The press plays along with this as well.

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