Friday, January 04, 2008

2008 NYU Tax Policy Colloquium

The spring semester Tax Policy Colloquium that I have been co-running at NYU since 1996 starts up again on Thursday, January 17, with a 4-6 pm session at Furman Hall, room 120, at NYU Law School. My co-conveners will be Kevin Hassett of the American Enterprise Institute for the first seven weeks, and Mihir Desai of the Harvard Business School for the last seven weeks. The schedule of speakers is as follows:

1. January 17 – Lily Batchelder, NYU Law School, “The Superiority of an Inheritance Tax Over an Estate Tax or No Wealth Transfer Tax.”

2. January 24 – Daniel Halperin, Harvard Law School, “Deferred Compensation Revisited.”

3. January 31 – Kevin Hassett, American Enterprise Institute, “Taxes and Wages.”

4. February 7 – Chris Sanchirico, Penn Law School, The Tax Advantage to Paying Private Equity Funds Managers With Profit Shares: What Is It? Why Is It Bad?

5. February 14 – Sarah Lawsky, George Washington University Law School, paper to be determined.

6. February 21 – Brian Galle, Florida State University Law School, “Fairness and Federalism in Taxation.”

7. February 28 – Jason Furman, Brookings Institution, “Dynamic Distributional Scoring.”

8. March 6 – Mihir Desai, Harvard Business School, paper to be determined.

9. March 13Ruth Mason University of Connecticut Law School, “The Federal Interest in Structurally Coherent State Taxes.”

10. March 27 – Andrea Louis Campbell, MIT, paper to be determined.

11. April 3 – Jonathan Barry Forman, University of Oklahoma Law School, “Making Social Security Work.”

12. April 10 – Alan Auerbach, Berkeley Economics Department, “Long-Term Objectives for Government Debt.”

13. April 17 – David Gamage, Boalt Law School, "On Capital Income Taxation: Refuting the Cases for Consumption Taxation and for Reduced Capital Gains Tax Rates."

14. April 24 – Daniel Shaviro, NYU Law School, “The Optimal Relationship Between Taxable Income and Financial Accounting Income.” (Unless I substitute a chapter or two from my Urban Institute Press book in progress, "The U.S. Corporate Tax: What Is It, and Where Is It Headed?")

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