Friday, April 04, 2008

Forthcoming testimony

I've been invited to testify before the Senate Finance Committee on April 15, from 10 am to noon, regarding tax reform basics.  More details to follow, but the panel seeks to lay the groundwork for thinking about fundamental reform of the income tax variety that in theory might start taking shape next year.  I'm not convinced anything will, but certainly there are enough ticking time bombs out there, such as the expiring tax cuts, rise of the AMT, and exploding deficits (if, unlike the Bush Administration, we are sufficiently unsporting actually to count everything).

Others on the panel will include Michael Graetz and, most likely, an economist thought to represent more conservative views (though conceivably the three of us will agree a whole lot more than the audience expects).  This will be a hectic day - by 6 pm the same night I need to be back in NYC discussing tax policy on a panel that includes both a Heritage Foundation flat-taxer and someone apparently associated with Bill Gates, Sr.'s bid to save the estate tax.  Plenty of disagreement to go around there, I suppose.

Also by April 15, I'm pretty sure there's something else I'm supposed to have completed and filed.  If only I could remember what it is.

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