Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day

I got to the polling place at 6:25 AM - lines around the block, hundreds of people, I've never seen anything close on Election Day even more towards prime time. But the line moved well, and in 35 minutes I was done.

The guy behind me on line was saying he hadn't voted since Perot. The woman he was talking with said she tries to vote each time, but in the past didn't always see a clear choice. "But with all the corruption, it seems like every day there's a new scandal ..."

Seven and a half long years of lies, corruption, incompetence, malevolence, and endless insults hurled at New Yorkers and others like us - indeed, at anyone around the world who isn't a small town white religious conservative Republican - are evidently more than enough to bring out the fighting spirit in this town, and elsewhere, I am sure, as well. I think people around the country who are sick to death of it all will brave long lines if they have to, even in places like New York where the statewide outcome is a given.

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