Friday, November 07, 2008

Go West, young (?) man

Later today I'm headed to California, where I will first, on Saturday, comment at a Tax Gap conference on a paper by Joe Bankman, Stu Karlinsky, and Susan Morse concerning cash businesses. Then, on Monday, I will go to Loyola Los Angeles and present my paper (from the GWU conference that I blogged recently here) concerning the long-term U.S. fiscal gap. The forum is Loyola's tax colloquium, hosted by Ted Seto. That paper will also shortly be posted on SSRN, whereupon I will offer the link to it here.

I'm also planning to say something here, at some point soon, concerning U.S. tax and budget policy under the Obama Administration, given the fiscal gap on the one hand, the still-cratering economy on the other, and some of the tax policy issues that the Administration either may or must be taking on soon (e.g., outbound investment by US multinationals, expiring Bush-era tax cuts, etc.). But that will take a bit more time (though I write these entries super-fast) than I will have available for the next few days.

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