Thursday, July 02, 2009

On the road again

Last week (June 22-26) I was at an international tax conference in Berkeley. As it was devoted to looking at existing literature, I didn't hear much that was new to me while there.

Tomorrow I'm off again to another international tax conference, this one in Oxford at the Said Business School (July 6-10) and involving a number of new papers or talks. I'll be presenting twice, and hope to get the PowerPoint slides up on the NYU website, in which case I'll link them here. One concerns a chapter of my new international tax book in progress, while the other discusses U.S. trends in international tax policy with particular reference to the Obama Administration's international tax proposals.

After that, a week's vacation in London and then back to NYC as the summer bleeds away all too fast. Summer is by far my favorite time here, from a weather as well as a free time standpoint. I spend the winter cursing the cold and lack of fresh produce, and wishing the summer would get here already. Then I spend the summer half-enjoying it (at least when the rain lets up) and half-brooding about how fleeting it is.

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