Tuesday, February 01, 2011

NYU Tax Policy Colloquium: 2012 heads-up for those who are interested

After 16 years of doing the NYU Tax Policy Colloquium on Thursdays, we've switched for next year (2012) to Tuesdays. Those who come from outside NYU to attend our little sessions should take note and, if motivated, can rely and plan accordingly. The public sessions will still run from 4 to 6 pm, as they always have, albeit now earlier in the week.

I'll also be informing our e-mail distribution list of this change, probably more than once, as there are actually are some people who plan their schedules (such as for teaching) with the colloquium in mind.

"Change can be good" was part of the thinking. The rest of it was that I, my co-convener, and prospective speakers may all prefer going earlier in the week, because so many conferences are held on Fridays. Travel early Friday morning can be a nightmare, especially with winter weather, if you are committed to staying home through late Thursday night (as we hold post-colloquium dinners that the author and conveners attend).

I polled my e-mail distribution list about the possible change, and basically came up with a tie between Tuesday and Thursday (although with "either's fine" in the majority). Sorry to anyone who's interested but will less able to attend this way, but at least it's 50-50.

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