Friday, May 13, 2011

Weekend in Singapore

When not preparing for my next class, going on various food, shopping, and cultural excursions (I've seen all the main Singapore tourist sites in past years), or going to the pool and the gym at my residence hotel, I've been reading James Ellroy's powerful and disturbing My Dark Places, which I picked up in the Borders here on Orchard Road. I may have to read more Ellroy, such as the well-regarded L.A. Quartet, though I wonder if it's possible that My Dark Places is his best.

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Uche Okorie said...

Two things, no I recall three things happened that got (intellectually speaking I presume) the NYU@NUS Dual Degree LLM Programme off for me to a great start-one was the immense pleasure of finding the US Personal Income and Business Tax class (after the initial hiccup of adjusting my ears to the American slur of pronouncing words at a moderate but rather rapid pace for my unaccustomed ears)actually enjoyable if not somewhat challenging considering the fact that until some few days ago I knew next to nothing about the American Tax system!

The second was discovering your blog Professor! (I am a blogger myself-though I have not blogged in ages! Wonder if that unfortunate professional blog of mine has not been de-listed by blogspot yet.)

By the way Happy Birthday Prof once again! (belated as it were-though it is technically still your birthday week and in Nigeria where I come from, one is allowed to felicitate with the celebrant up until the end of the birthday week!)I find your class to be stimulating, novel and interesting and I am seriously considering a post NYU career in Tax!

The third thing that happened which earlier on tried to (slip from my memory grasp) was discovering Borders on Orchard Road in company of a course mate! I will just have to tame my ravenous appetite for legal thrillers get a proper grasp of tax law and the other courses. Though I must say my mind wanders occasionally to the sheer bliss and luxury of embedding myself in the cocoon of the distant world of my favourite authors. Now added to this dilemma is my utter curiosity as exactly what the thematic pre-occupation of a novel written by a distinguished Law Professor whose very title 'Get it!' will concern itself with. In my next trip to Borders I just hope I will be able to keep my itchy fingers from flipping through the pages till after my exams as any good student yet to get a proper handle on things would be advised to do! I doubt it though.

Isaiah Uche Okorie (NYU@NUS Class of 2011-12)