Thursday, January 19, 2012

But enough about taxes and politics, what about the weather?

Every winter - even uncommonly mild ones, such as winter 2012 so far - I keep asking myself: Have we bottomed out yet? When does the average daily temperature stop falling and start to rise?

Today I finally thought to do an online search that would enable me to answer this question. According to the relevant link at, the average mean daily temperature in New York City declines from 34 degrees to 33 on January 1. Then on January 10, it drops another degree to 32. There it stays until January 24, when it rises back to 33. It goes to 34 degrees on February 4, 35 on February 11, and whee, up we go back towards ranges where human beings could biologically survive indefinitely even without clothing and shelter.

Bottom line, we are more than halfway through what is on average the very coldest stretch.

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