Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Act now while supplies last

My novel, Getting It, is now available on Amazon in a Kindle edition for only $3.99 (!). The link is here.

I've genuinely gotten great feedback from dozens of people who have read it. The only disconcerting element has been that they often say it was much better than they expected. Hmmm ... how well did they really know me ... what are they trying to say ...

Just one quote for now, from a review in the Above the Law blog a couple of years back:

"If you’re the type who is convinced that the people you work with in Biglaw are evil, conniving, and ready to stab you in the back with a really sharp highlighter, you will love Getting It, a novel by Daniel Shaviro. In a post titled 'james joyce meets the paper chase,' an Amazon reviewer says: 'If Joyce or Kafka had worked at Arnold and Porter, this would be their book.'

"I’ve read a lot of lawyer fiction, but never something quite like this. The satirical novel is populated with sadistic partners and scheming associates competing for partnership, including the caddish Bill Doberman, dopey Arnold Porter, and self-involved Lowell Stellworth. It’s an 'American Psycho' take on Biglaw — funny and fast-paced, a great summer quick read. I devoured it on a plane to Chicago."

Apologies to my long-time readers for recycling this quote. But in its own way Getting It is my favorite among all the things that I've written, so I naturally feel solicitous towards it.

C'mon, folks, only $3.99, and guaranteed to be more fun (plus better for you) than a comparably priced ice cream sundae.

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