Thursday, March 08, 2012


With not entirely unmixed feelings, it looks like I will be (perhaps just temporarily) joining the world of Twitter, probably sometime in May.

NYU Law School is coordinating the deployment of a bunch of faculty members with expertise in various areas to "tweet" (ouch, I winced just typing that) several times weekly about issues in their fields that arise during the presidential campaign. While I think I could develop a skill at saying things in 140 characters or less that would be at least moderately amusing, it's not really the direction in which I'm keenest to take my "brand" (ouch, I just winced again typing that, and worse than the first time).

It's hard to be thoughtful, rather than cheap-laughingly cute, within those constraints. And I don't want to condition myself too much towards thinking in terms of what I'm going to say next in 140 characters. Indeed, for some reason I'm reminded of the Eugene O'Neill character's father in Long Day's Journey Into Night, who - if I recall correctly (it's been several decades since I saw or read the play) - ruins his acting talent by stooping, albeit profitably, to cheap melodrama.

Still, I suppose I can at least link to things here in the hopes of boosting their readership, so I will probably try it.

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Anonymous said...

Just tweet a link with a few words indicating the topic. Example: "Wow! Romney wants tax deduction for car roof dog crates"

You can safely make about 40% of the links to your own blog.