Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Strange days indeed

It's hard to stay focused or relaxed, what with all the insane political news exploding almost hourly.  Such a giant attention and emotion sink.

But the most satisfying things I did today, when I was able to ignore the Internet for periods here and there, were (1) figuring out how to explain a couple of international tax rules more clearly (I hope) to my class, (2) improving the opening to my E.M. Forster chapter, although I may be unable to do very much more on it for the next 2 months, and (3) quasi-following a Thai recipe for sautéed fish (flounder came out okay although the recipe rightly called for something meatier).

I will also be putting myself on Twitter at some point soon, although  more to link to this blog (and possibly news items in my field) than for anything else.  I don't plan to tweet away about the likes of presidential debates or even tax reform panels.

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