Tuesday, October 04, 2016

TV appearances, the day after

A Reuters story on which I briefly speak about Trump's $900 million loss is available here.

From an NBC Nightly News bit, I'm quoted in the article here. A clip that appeared on-air at about 6:35, on which I'm briefly on-screen, can be found here.

My MSNBC segment with Lawrence O'Donnell and David Cay Johnston can be viewed here . It's 12:52 long, and I speak briefly at about 9:35 and 12:20. One small clean-up bit: on the first soundbite, I note that Trump's extremely low "salary" on the leaked tax return might be related to avoiding the Social Security and Medicare payroll tax.  I was thinking of this in terms of a general practice of paying himself as little "salary" as possible. O'Donnell then makes a comment which might be read as implying that Trump wouldn't have been subject to the payroll tax on anything else from the NYT leak (e.g., Schedule C income), which I did not mean to suggest but couldn't address in the hurly-burly of things.

And, not a moment too soon, it's back to regular day life (teaching an International Tax class, working on the E.M. Forster chapter in my literature book, etc.).

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