Monday, December 05, 2016

NYU Law School website link on high-end inequality

NYU Law School now has a link on ongoing work by members of the faculty, including me, on evaluating the issues around high-end inequality.  The link includes video of an interview I did, and there's also a link to the current draft of the opening chapter on my book in progress on literature and high-end inequality.

The book's tentative title used to be "Enviers, Rentiers, Arrivistes, and the Point-One Percent: What Literature Can Tell Us About High-End Inequality."  With an eye to being less wholly uncommercial, the link reveals that I had changed the working title to "The March to Toxic Meritocracy: Literature and the Changing Nature of High-End Inequality."  I have since tentatively changed it again to "Great Books and the Rise of Toxic Meritocracy."

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