Sunday, June 22, 2008

Random notes from one week plus in Singapore

Lectures would be going well except I am being over-ambitious (good students but they know less about tax than my usual in NYU) and I find myself running out of time each day. Adjustments in the second week should take care of the worst of it.

When on Arab Street, visitors to Singapore should seek out Cafe Zam Zam but avoid Cafe Le Caire (distressingly mediocre for its venue). But our mainstay has been the hawker center near our residence - very good food from a variety of stalls for about $3-4 a meal.

A cabdriver the other day asked if I'm related to Prince Charles. It's usually either that or Ringo Starr. I suspect that I am related to neither, however, unless their Ukrainian/Byelorussian Jewish roots are greater than has previously been reported.

And don't believe the tabloids. These two are just very good friends.