Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Without a cellphone (!!)

I feel as if I have left the 21st century and plunged back into the earlier dark ages. My cellphone broke after many years, and rather than buy a new one (or commit to a two-year plan so I could get one for free) I've decided to get an iPhone.

But what with the pervasive rumors that the new generation iPhone will be out as soon as next week, along with the fact that I am about to leave the country for a month (Singapore followed by Vietnam) and thus couldn't use a cellphone without hefty roaming charges anyway, I decided just to cancel my prior service and sit tight, waiting for July.

So for now I am down to landlines (or borrowing from a family member).

To those who can't imagine it, in most other respects I remain more comfortable than, say, a Survivor contestant.

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