Friday, May 07, 2010

Misguided fecundity? (Metaphorically speaking)

When you agree to give a bunch of talks, it turns out (unless you're more devil-may-care about this than I am) that you actually have to prepare for them. So the PowerPoint slides have been pouring out of me over the last few days like - oh, I don't know, like kittens from a pregnant female cat (though come to think of it, her labor is a great deal shorter).

Yesterday, I did slides for a debate on transition issues in Belgium later this month. Today's efforts were for a talk regarding the co-authored financial institutions tax paper that I am presenting at the NTA in Washington next week. Next, a possible update to the slides on my foreign tax credit paper that I am also presenting at the NTA next week. (The ones I have seem to work OK, but I've made things clearer in the article, and while the slides helped with that, perhaps they can now be improved as well.)

Even once I do that (or decide to stick with what I have), the well won't be quite drained yet - at least one more to go, though it might be an expanded version of something I already have, unless I adjust to the longer time slot just by talking more slowly.

(Metaphor watch: I must mean the well where the cat is giving birth; I hope she can carry her kittens out afterward.)

All to be posted here in due course.

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