Wednesday, May 12, 2010

National Tax Association Spring Symposium

I have made it, via Acela, to that supreme paradise among garden spots, the Holiday Inn Capital in southwest Washington, DC. I'll be presenting my foreign tax credit paper tomorrow (Thursday) and my coauthored financial institutions paper Friday, then scurrying back to NYC. Hurrah for Acela adding free wireless service on their trains.

UPDATE: Both talks appeared to be well-received, though in each case I was trying to cover 30 minutes worth of material in 15 minutes. (Luckily, I talk fast.) There appeared to be some buzz around my Zelig-like appearance in the Elena Kagan photo that apparently received wide distribution. That plus a $2.25 Metrocard will definitely get me a one-way ride on the NYC subway. I will try to post the slides for the two talks early next week.

Now no more trips for a full 2 weeks, at which point I will head to Belgium to defend American academe's vibrant if new-fangled "law and economics" or "new view" style of analyzing legal transitions, before a possibly skeptical audience of European tax professors who may be keener on the old time religion.

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