Tuesday, May 18, 2010

We try harder

I'm still # 2 in Brian Leiter's rankings for most-cited tax faculty (behind Graetz; Kaplow not included because of his non-tax writings).

The Emperor Tiberius (or was it Caligula) reportedly said "Let them hate me, so long as they fear me." I don't want to be either hated or feared, so my version of the quote would be "Let them cite me, but couldn't they also download me?" (My SSRN download rating is much lower, perhaps reflecting topic choice plus the fact that books aren't downloaded from SSRN.)

The other #2s in particular subject areas are Jerry Mashaw, Alan Schwartz, Lucian Bebchuk, Dan Kahan or Bill Stuntz (tie), Elizabeth Scott, Curtis Bradley, Robert Merges, Eric Posner, Jeremy Waldron, Reva Siegel, Carol Rose, and Mark Tushnet.

Perhaps we should form the "#2 We Try Harder Club" and have annual dinners at NYC's second-rated Zagat restaurant.

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