Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Jealousy among cats ... can't have that

Cats are too individualistic to think in terms of jealousy or envy.  Only social species (people, dogs, etc.) that live in groups have the psychic structures, whether or not the cognitive structures, for that. But just in case there is the theoretical possibility of feline jealousy, having posted a Sylvester photo the other day, here's an old photo of his twin half(?)-brother Gary.  It was taken a couple of years ago, so nowadays he's larger and a tad less kittenish - albeit not fundamentally changed.

Gary is viewed by some who know him as being in all ways perfect.  From this perspective, he is Gallant, as compared to the (in the end equally lovable) Goofus that is Sylvester.  However, one of his three feline colleagues (not to mention all potential prey animals - he is absolutely mad about hunting, even in the absence of actual opportunities) would strongly reject viewing him so positively.

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