Monday, March 22, 2010

Getting It now available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble

My novel, Getting It, is now available, not only via the iUniverse website (click here), but also via Amazon and

The best price is at, where there's a member discount and it qualifies for free shipping even if you don't get anything else.

Amazon has a customer review (possibly by someone I might know). Only 4 stars rather than 5 (but this reviewer appears to be reluctant to give 5 even for other things he/she likes), but says, inter alia: "Anyone who has ever dealt with crude business associates, fallen in love, or been a young professional--which is to say, anyone likely to be reading this--will enjoy Dan Shaviro's maiden novel, Getting It .... [A] tale of youthful and yet cynical intrigue that is also a wry comment on a society that knows the price of everything and the value of very little.... If Joyce or Kafka had worked at [a big DC firm], this would be their book."

Obviously, this is a radically different enterprise than my academic work (and note that it is NOT set at a tax firm, such as the one I worked at). But if you ever find me to be an amusing or interesting writer at this site (certainly for you to judge, but why are you here otherwise?), why not give it a try.

I may not be an objective observer, but I feel it's genuinely amusing and a good read, as well as having, well. wry comments on a society that knows the price of everything and the value of very little - while also dishing out true just deserts to almost everyone. Plus a tight dramatic structure that I feel kicks in pretty swiftly (as per the preview here). Rarely have so few fought so hard for rewards that are worth so little.

Okay, enough special pleading - I find it awkward, but I do hope that some or even many of you will give it a try.

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