Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Getting It - now available from iUniverse

My satirical novel, Getting It, has gone live on the iUniverse website, and is now available for purchase. Price is $14.95, not including shipping. It should be up soon on Amazon and bn.com, which presumably would affect shipping charges.

The link is right here.

Brief description, as per the "Overview" at the website, is as follows:

"Young D.C. lawyer Bill Doberman, who fancies himself the James Bond of the Potomac. is a liar, a conniver, a phony, a hypocrite, and a cad – and those are his good points. But will they be enough to win him the much desired booby prize of partnership at Ashby & Cinders?

"He will need all his skills to out-compete the dour Lowell Stellworth, languid yet fanatical master of the lengthy footnote, while also dodging hostile senior partners, posing as an arts connoisseur, and keeping his two girlfriends at the firm from finding out about each other. All this in the hope of qualifying at the end for even longer hours and a pay cut."

You can also access a "Free Preview" at the website, consisting of the first 4+ pages or so of Chapter 1.

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