Friday, March 12, 2010

Upcoming talks

Evidently unable to sit still (or eager not to put to waste my recent passport renewal), I've apparently arranged or agreed to the following academic speech & travel schedule over the next few months:

March 20 - discuss my foreign tax credit paper at a conference in Vienna sponsored by the Tax Institute for Austrian and International Tax Law (along with the Austrian branch of the International Fiscal Association).

April 22 - discuss international tax issues at the 10th Annual NYU-KPMG Tax Program. I suppose I don't have to pack a travel bag for this one.

May 13-14 - at the National Tax Association's Spring Symposium in Washington, D.C., discuss my foreign tax credit paper on one panel, and a paper I am co-authoring with Doug Shackelford and Joel Slemrod, currently entitled "Taxation and the Financial Sector," on another panel.

May 28 - at the European Association of Tax Law Professors' 2010 Congress, in Leuven, Belgium, discuss or debate the law and economics approach (I would rather say the welfare economics approach) to transition and retroactivity issues, with Charlotte Crane of Northwestern Law School.

June 10 - give a dinner talk (probably on international or transition issues) at the Canadian Tax Policy Research Symposium in Toronto.

June 29-30 - attend, and possibly present my foreign tax credit paper at, the Annual Symposium at the Oxford University Centre for Business Taxation.

July 5 - spend a week at the Max Planck Institute in Munich (focusing on tax policy, not physics), probably presenting a paper or two.

August - nothing definite yet, but this might change.

September 21 - give the annual Tillinghast Lecture on international tax issues at NYU Law School. This one probably won't be my foreign tax credit piece, but rather a new one concerning the rising electivity of U.S. corporate residence.

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